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"Wildlife Photography is an infinite learning, challenging and exciting. Nature is the greatest
power on earth and every time I visit the jungle, I understand how small we are in reality. It's amazing to
document those beautiful and raw moments in nature".

He is a big cat lover who is fond of leopards. Leopards are one of the beautiful and enigmatic creatures
on the planet and leopards are his favourite subjects to photograph and he says "I love the bond of a
leopard and a tree, shows how beautiful a life is connected to nature, a leopard on a tree is always a
visual treat for wildlife lovers".

arvind karthik

Arvind Karthik's passion for the Indian wild is a childhood fascination come true. brought up in Bangalore, he grew up watching film series like The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and many other wildlife documentaries on National Geographic and BBC. Fascinated by cameras since a young age, he aspired to become a professional wildlife photographer and a wildlife filmmaker. He got a degree in instrumentation engineering and is now employed as a manager of operations.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

ARVIND KARTHIK’S dream of capturing the beautiful Indian wildlife finally came true in the winters of 2016 where he sighted a huge tiger while on a tour in the enchanting forests of Bandipur National Park. Since then, his life took a turn for the better and he has been one of the most successful photographers from Bangalore.

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